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Calcium folinate

release time:2023-07-17

What is Calcium folinate?


Calcium folinate is a folic acid derivative.It is a naturally occurring compound that has a vital role in various metabolic pathways.

Product Name: Calcium folinate
CAS No: 1492-18-8
Molecular Formula: C20H21CAN7O7
Appearance: Yellow crystalline powder 
Origin: China


Product Specification


Appearance: Yellow-white or velow powder

HPLC: The retention time of the major peak of the sample 
solutioncorresponds to that of the standard solution, as obtained inthe Assay.

Calcium: Produce calcium reacts.

IR: IR absorption spectrum of sample is similar with referencestandard.
Heavy Metals: NMT 50ppm

Water Content: NMT17.0%

Assay (on anhydrous basis): 95.0%~105.0%

Calcium Folinate Powder


Our Advantages


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